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This ten-video program is designed to introduce the concept of motivational interviewing (MI) and its value in helping patients who smoke consider a quit attempt, as well as being applicable to other areas of health behavior change. Key components and strategies of MI will be explained, and video demonstrations of successful MI will be shown. Participants will be encouraged to consider how to integrate MI into their practice setting. Videos can be viewed and credit can be provided separately, although participation in the entire program is recommended.

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"Persistence. It’s one of my best traits, and it serves me well with my patients who use tobacco. I’ve literally had people quit smoking just so I’d quit asking at every office visit."

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Cigarette smoke can directly alter lung tissue in ways that lead to permanent airway remodeling in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, Australian researchers reported.

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An increased risk of neurobehavioral disorders among children should be added to the list of the adverse effects of secondhand smoke, according to the results of a nationwide telephone survey.

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Men who are smokers when they receive a prostate cancer diagnosis have significantly worse survival and a greater risk of biochemical recurrence than neversmokers or those who had quit, researchers found.

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